All my life I have lived with and created awesome canine good citizens that worked with me and for me.

They brought others joy because of their ability to think, learn and behave.

The video below is a recent example of what I have been doing for years.

Learning to live with your dog in a way that creates calmness in you and those around you is easier to achieve than you might think, but it all starts as a pup.

Making sure you have the right pup, at the right time in your life, with a personality that matches yours, is what leads to a successful partnership.

I loved working with my dogs and horses and sharing them with others gave me a lot of pleasure. I grew up with dogs and spent hours training them to do tricks and responding to hand signals. Sharing the team with children

I trained therapy dogs to visit the needy and gave many school children dog sled rides.  The picture you see was taken by the local newspaper during one of my many school sessions.

One time the local T.V. station was looking for pets with unusual tricks.  I called them and told them I trained my dog to yawn on command.  Yes, yawn.  A real one.  Aside from sliding down the hill on a sled by herself and carrying it back up, she even yawned on camera.  Her name was “Jessica” and she is the black dog with the bandanna in the front of the dog team.  She was a bouvier/lab mix and was an unforgettable companion.

BJ and MeThe picture on the left is a picture of one of our all time favorite dogs.  When she wandered onto our farm as a pup, having been abandoned, she was full of fleas and had mange.  With all this, BJ was still happy and loving.

Later on, BJ would bring me my shoes and if that didn’t work, she would grab the leash and drag it over to me so we could walk together.  This picture was taken during our last walk.

We sent her away to be a service dog in Canada.  She stole the heart of almost everyone she came in contact with and continues to do that as she meets the needs of her new owner.

Having fun and enjoying life with my canine partners was what I did then and continue to do today.

The funny thing is, parents often asked me if they could leave their children with me for awhile so they could be taught to listen a bit better.

mal-shi pup for sale florida harley hat

Mal-Shi Harley Rider

The reality is, more often than not, it is the owner that needs a bit of guidance. Training your dog isn’t a whole lot different than training your children.

Placing a pup in the right home and matching the pup with the right person is what we have been known for.

Even the best person with the best pup will not work out if their lifestyle and temperament do not match the breed or the pup within that breed.

Knowing dogs and people are essential ingredients for success.

We have had years of experience with both and love what we do.

If you head over to the testimonials page you will see they date back to 10 years or more.  Really, before the internet was popular.

In 2008 I was involved in a horse related accident that has changed my life forever.

Although I am very grateful to be alive, I am not able to do what I have done for many years. 

I am not physically able to breed dogs anymore, but I can love them and train them.

I can give them the best possible start in life that ultimately makes their transition to their forever home so much easier.  You can read this as you sift through the testimonials page.

If the new owners continue my program, they have a wonderful canine good citizen at an early age.

It isn’t easy to find a breeder who has the same philosophy as I do, but I have connected with a few that I trust and believe in.  This is where my pups come from.  I wish I could breed myself but I just cannot anymore.

I pour my heart and soul into the second most important part of the process…

…giving you a pup that is well on it’s way to being potty trained and teaching them basic obedience.

“Bentley” our Maltese helps us with the training process and you can see this in the video below.

Life has changed for us. We no longer live on our farm.

For obvious reasons, only a few pups at a time come into our special training program. 

When buying a pup from us, I feel you are really getting the best of both worlds. 

As you look through this website, you will see we are real people who just love life and of course our dogs.

In the 30 second video below I talk about the importance of building relationships and how it is our biggest asset. 

We truly believe what I say in this video!

Our special program is unique. If you have any questions we would love to hear from you.

Just fill out the form below or call Micheline at 352-299-7419.