Covid 19 Options

In an effort to offer people some Hope and some Options, I have put together a quick summary of what I am doing and what many medical professionals feel is effective and safe.

FLCCC ALLIANCE – Excellent Resource  https://covid19criticalcare.comivermectin kit covid

I have ordered these kits a few times early on and they helped to save lives.


The FLCC has compiled a list of Doctors willing to prescribe Ivermectin for you if your own doctor will not but there could be a charge.

If you have had covid and still have symptoms, they are calling this the “Long Haulers”.

Below is a medical protocol from the Alliance doctors, that can help you recover.  Here is the link the info has come from.

covid long haul

Below, you will find some supporting evidence for the effectiveness of Ivermectin. This information has come from the first link at the top of the page.

*The Treatment Protocol is listed at the bottom of the page*

One Page Summary of the Clinical Trials Evidence for Ivermectin in COVID-19

Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medicine whose discovery won the Nobel Prize in 2015, has proven, highly potent, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties in laboratory studies. In the past 4 months, numerous, controlled clinical trials from multiple centers and countries worldwide are reporting consistent, large improvements in COVID-19 patient outcomes when treated with ivermectin. Our comprehensive scientific review of these referenced trials can be found on the Open Science Foundation pre-print server here:

Covid summary ivermectin

Properties of Ivermectin

  1. 1)  Ivermectin inhibits the replication of many viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, influenza, and others;
  2. 2)  Ivermectin has potent anti-inflammatory properties with multiple mechanisms of inhibition;
  3. 3)  Ivermectin diminishes viral load and protects against organ damage in animal models;
  4. 4)  Ivermectin prevents transmission of COVID-19 when taken either pre- or post-exposure;
  5. 5)  Ivermectin hastens recovery and decreases hospitalization and mortality in patients with COVID-19;
  6. 6)  Ivermectin leads to far lower case-fatality rates in regions with widespread use.

Evidence Base Supporting the Efficacy of Ivermectin in COVID-19 as of January 11, 2021 (RCT’s = randomized controlled trials, OCT’s = observational controlled trials). Every clinical trial shows a benefit, with RCT’s and OCT’s reporting the same

direction and magnitude; nearly all are statistically significant.

Controlled trials studying the prevention of COVID-19 (8 trials completed)

  • 3 RCT’s with large statistically significant reductions in transmission rates, a total of 774 patients
  • 5 OCT’s with large statistically significant reductions in transmission rates, a total of 2,052 patientsControlled trials in the treatment of both early and hospitalized COVID-19 patients (19 trials completed)
  • 5 RCT’s with large, significant reductions in time to recovery or hospital length of stay, a total of 774 patients
  • 1 RCT with a large, statistically significant reduction in rate of deterioration/hospitalization, total of 363 patients
  • 2 RCT’s with significant decreases in viral load, days of anosmia, cough, or time to recovery, a total of 85 patients
  • 3 RCT’s with large, significant reductions in mortality, a total of 695 patients
  • 3 OCT’s with large, statistically significant reductions in mortality, a total of 1,688 patientsNumber of Studies and Patients Among the Existing Clinical Trials of Ivermectin in COVID-19
  • 27 controlled trials, including a total of 6,612 patients have been completed using well-matched control groups
  • 16 trials, including over 2,500 patients, are prospective, randomized, controlled studies
  • 11 of the 27 trials have been published in peer-reviewed journals, 3,900 patients, remainder are in pre-printFront Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance – Recommendation on Ivermectin in COVID-19Even restricting analysis to just the 16 randomized controlled trials (totaling over 2,500 patients), the majority report a statisti- cally significant reduction in transmission or disease progression or mortality. Further, a meta-analysis recently performed by an independent research consortium calculated the chances that ivermectin is ineffective in COVID-19 to be 1 in 67 million.1The FLCCC Alliance, based on the totality of the existing evidence, supports an A-I recommendation (NIH rating scheme; strong level, high quality evidence) for the use of ivermectin in both the prophylaxis and treatment of all phases of COVID-19.Furthermore, we encourage all regulatory agencies to review our manuscript detailing these studies above as well as the multiple population-wide “natural experiments” that occurred in numerous cities and regions after the initiation of ivermectin distribution programs.2 The widespread use of ivermectin resulted in a significant reduction in cases and m–ortality rates that approached pre-pandemic levels in these areas. As evidenced by what occurred in these regions, ivermectin is clearly an essential and vital treatment component in achieving control of the pandemic.1

2 Kory P, Meduri GU, Iglesias J, Varon J et al. Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and

Treatment of COVID-19. Open Science Foundation.

Comparing mass drug administration programs

When they compared the data from countries with active ivermectin mass drug administration programs for the prevention of parasite infections, they discovered that the COVID-19 case counts were significantly lower in the countries with recently active programs, to a high degree of statistical significance, p<.001.
Further data supporting a role for ivermectin in decreasing transmission rates can be found from South American countries where, in retrospect, large “natural experiments” appear to have occurred. For instance, beginning as early as May, various regional health ministries and governmental authorities within Peru, Brazil, and Paraguay initiated “ivermectin distribution” campaigns to their citizen populations (Chamie, 2020). In one such example from Brazil, the cities of Itajai, Macapa, and Natal distributed massive amounts of ivermectin doses to their city’s population, where, in the case of Natal,1 million doses were distributed.7

It is the authors opinion, that based on the totality of these data, the use of ivermectin as a prophylactic and early treatment option should receive an A-I level recommendation by the NIH in support of use by the nation’s health care providers. When, or if, such a recommendation is issued, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance has developed a prophylaxis and early treatment protocol for COVID-19 (I-MASK+), centered around ivermectin combined with masking, social distancing, hand hygiene, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, quercetin, melatonin, and zinc, with all components known for either their anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, or preventive actions(Table 4). The I-MASK+ protocol suggests treatment approaches forprophylaxis of high-risk patients, post- exposure prophylaxis ofhousehold members with COVID-19, and an early treatment approach for patients ill with COVID-19.

Treatment and Prevention – Divide your weight by 11 to get the mg dose for you