How to care for your small breed pup naturally and holistically

Answers Pet Food Detailed Formula, Complete Diet for Dogs and Cats

Good nutrition, supplements and common sense goes a long way.

Your pup is barely 2 lbs and you say “how do I keep my new furbaby well”.

Raw is an ideal way to feed your dog!

Although I am an advocate of feeding raw, I know many people have a hard time with it.  I have done it for over 30 years without any issues.  There are many frozen options that you can buy in specialty pet stores and the “Answers” dog food listed above is an excellent choice.

I like Answers dog food because it is fermented and the dogs love it.  It is packaged in a way that keeps the nutrients stable and ready for your pet.

Check out their website here and look at their store locator for a store near you.


Although I believe feeding raw is ideal, that will not always work for some.

My own Yorkies are fed raw as well as a dry dog food that is always available to them. Bil Jac puppy select

I personally use and send you home with “Bil Jac” dog food.

They are a small company that has been in existence since the 40’s with only one recall.

Bil Jac is not a trending company, they are a company with over a 70 year track record.

Their low heat vacuum-drying process, helps keep the nutrients and enzymes available to the dogs.  This is what sets them apart from other kibbles.

Once again I will tell you that when you supplement your dog with raw food and still use a kibble, if it is not Bil Jac your doggie will have digestive upset.

I do not find that to be a problem with Bil Jac and I believe it is because of the quality of ingredients and the way they process it.

Enough said, that is what I do and the reason why.  I am not a trender and neither is Bil Jac. 

I am a thinker and researcher and do what works!

Click here to check out Bil Jac, and become a thinker and not a trender lol!

You can purchase it from Chewy or from Pet Smart.

Below you will see a little pup doing what he was made to do lol.

He is eating the real thing and loves it!

Beware, your vet will likely have a fit unless they are holistic.

Natural Dog Chews – Beef Marrow Bones

“I am not an advocate of cooked bones” but I believe in raw meaty bones and you will see that pups do as well.

natural dog chews michelines pups

I feed my dogs chicken backs once the fat is removed.  The bones are soft and they love it.  Keeps them satisfied for a long time.

Remember, it is a good idea to change things up.  Don’t keep feeding the exact same thing.  Some necks, some backs etc.

Also, change the protein type as well.  Duck, rabbit, lamb and sometimes a little beef.

Be sure to remove as much fat as you can. 

In the wild everything is lean.

Our dogs do not require all the fat that is in our human meat.  Neither do we for that matter.

This is another natural chew toy that the pups love and you can find it in any supermarket.

yorkie poo with beef marrow bone

For many many years I have used beef marrow bones and I have not had an issue.

This works excellent for smaller dogs.

Take the marrow out and give the bone to them raw. The marrow is excellent for them, but it is just too much fat when they are tiny.


Mercola dog probiotic

I use a probiotic to help with digestion and the transition to their new home.

You can buy Dr. Mercola’s probiotic here.

Digestion is the beginning of health.

I feel it is so important to maintain and support your pups immune system through their gut by using a good quality probiotic. This product has 50 Billion units.

Daily Supplement – “Spark”

A great addition to any diet that will give your dog or cat a boost.  Your dogs live in a toxic environment and need all the help they can get to overcome daily healthy challenges, just like us.  I would consider adding a quality whole food supplement to their diet and this is one great option.  My little Biewer Yorkie “Willie” had a very poor appetite and I was continually hand feeding him to keep him well.  This product was a life saver and I have been using it ever since.  If you dog has a poor appetite this is a fabulous option for over all health.

You can buy “Spark” here from Pet Well Being.Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 10.53.02 PM

Natural Options for Heart worm and Flea Protection

Pet Wellbeing, HearClean Gold”  Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.36.48 PMis a homeopathic remedy that helps eliminate all worms, including heart worms. Just so you know, Heartgard, the most used heart worm medicine is NOT a preventative, it deworms your dog every single month, even if it doesn’t have worms.  So…it doesn’t protect your dog against getting worms, it kills them once they have it.  In other words, is it really necessary to deworm a healthy dog every single month with a toxic chemical?

Having your dog tested yearly and even twice a year is the best protection you can give them.

It takes 6 months for worms to show, so you will catch it early if there is an issue.

You can buy the product from many online stores or go to “PetWellBeing”.

michelines pups healthy teeth dogsHealthy Teeth and Gums

PetWellBeing, also has an excellent product that I use on my dogs teeth and works awesome.  Yorkies are known for teeth issues and “Healthy Gums” works very well.  It is amazing.  Click here to buy “Healthy Gums”.

Natural Flea Shampoo

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.41.40 PM

I use “EasyDefense” natural flea shampoo on my dogs and pups.  It is made by the same company as the Brewers Yeast and Garlic tabs “Only Natural Pet”.  You can order it here.

Flea Treatment with Essential Oils

Only Natural Pet also has a wonderful Essential Oil blend that I use on my dogs.  I apply it once a week and works well for me.  It is called “Easy Defense Herbal Oil Blend” 

Natural options for heart worm and flea protection will keep your dog healthy.  You will be asked to sign a contract that states I am not responsible if you use a chemical heart worm or flea product.  There are too many sick and dying dogs that end up with seizures or neurological disorders that they often do not recover from.  I have personally witnessed the deadly results and it isn’t pretty.  You can view my contract HERE.

For 30 years I have fed my dogs raw food without one single incident or mishap.

If this is hard on you, I understand.

The video of the pup eating a chicken neck was shown because most people don’t believe it, including many vets.

I am not here to convince anyone that it works, but I and my dogs are living proof that natural can be safe and healthy.

tiny malshi pups for sale in ocala florida michelines pups susie1

*The content on this website is not meant to replace veterinary advice.



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