Adorable tiny cream colored Shih Poo pup – “Curly”

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Born Nov. 8/2016

Price $1050 plus tax

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Shih Tzu Poodle mixes are awesome!

This adorable Shih Poo is small, smart, affectionate and non shedding.

I have place several Shih Poo pups to work as therapy dogs for their owners.

Their disposition is great because they love everyone and everything.

Very clean and easy to train. 

Shih Poos love being with you and this guy loves to be cuddled.

He has a mellow but fun personality.

“Curly” the Shih Poo will be curly as an adult.

His adult weight could be anywhere from 5-8 lbs.  He is only 1 3/4 lbs at 8 and half weeks.  The scale he is sitting on is a two lb scale.

We call him Curly Bob and we love him.

He is not necessarily fragile, but he is small at this point and he needs to be protected from being stepped on.

He is doing fabulous with potty training. 

Loves to do his business outside.

If you are interested in this adorable tiny Shih Poo, call or text Micheline at 352-299-7419. A slower option is using the form below.