Beautiful Maltipoo Pups In Florida

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“Susie” Female Maltipoo

Born 3-15-19

Price $1,275 plus tax

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Sussie the Maltipoo is a Doll.

She is 10 weeks and weighs just over 2 lbs. That is a 2 lb weigh scale she is sitting on.

Her coat is full and more like a Maltese that a Poodle.

She is all white with black ears and her left eye is blue.  Hard to see in the photos.

Maltipoos love their owner and want to be with them.

Extremely affectionate, intelligent and easy to train.

Sussie is crate trained and doing very well with pottying outside.

I would describe her as being a content dog that is well balanced in both energy level and confidence.

She is outgoing and fun. I love her personality.

Maltipoos do not tend to bark excessively.

If you are interested please Read This Contract, as I want you to understand my view on the natural approach to health care.

Also, be sure to have checked out My About Page. I want you to be totally satisfied and understand who I am before coming to our home.

If, after doing your homework, you want a fun pup from someone who is also fun but is very serious about the health and longevity of the pups, call or text Micheline at 352-299-7419.

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