Gorgeous tiny Morkies for sale in Ocala Florida

Site updated 9-10-2020


“Ginger” Female Morkie

Ready for her new home 8-31-20

Price $1,500 plus tax

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Watch the Litter Play!

Ginger the Morkie is sweet and small.

As an adult she will be around 7-8 lbs.

Her coat is full and thick and will remain that way.

The one thing that will change will be her color.  Like many Morkies they lighten up and Ginger will be no exception.

She is outgoing and happy.

Morkies need their owners to be home.

They are active and need to be stimulated.

They can be a challenge because they often out smart their owners.

Keep in mind that Morkies have a tendency to bark, they play bite a LOT and therefore, are not always ideal for a senior with thin skin.

If you are interested in Ginger, there is a process.

I believe in and require a natural, Holistic approach to health care for the pup.

Please do not call or text if you have not looked at this course that was created for you.


I don’t take a deposit but ask that you become educated on Holistic and natural options.

Your new pup, especially in this unprecedented time of Covid 19, needs you to be “Dog Smart”.

For more reasons than one, you DO NOT want to end up at the vets  office with a 2 lb puppy.

Owners do not have control of the outcome when handing  off their baby to a vet curbside.

You will have everything you need to continue keeping your new little pup healthy and well.

Please Read This Contract, as you will have to agree to a natural approach to health care.

Also, be sure to have checked out My About Page. I want you to be totally satisfied and understand who I am before coming to our home.

If, after doing your homework, you want a fun pup from someone who is also fun but is very serious about the health and longevity of the pups, call or text Micheline at 352-299-7419.