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Lasa Poo Pups

Born 9-6-2017 and ready for their new home

Price $1,250 plus tax

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LhasaPoo pups are adorable!

Aside from being cute, they make great family pets that are extremely loyal to their owners.

They are very smart and easy to train.

A great choice for a first time dog owner.

If you have allergies, they are also a good option.

Each person has their own sensitivities, but generally very few allergic reactions.

Watch this LhasaPoo video!

If you have a family with kids, these pups would be a great option because they are sturdy and love to play but will still be calm and sit.

They will be between 8-10 lbs as adults.

Before calling please Read This Contract, as I want you to understand my view on the natural approach to health care.

Also, be sure to have checked out My About Page.  I want you to be totally satisfied and understand who I am before coming to my home.

If, after doing your homework, you want a fun pup from someone who is also fun but is very serious about the health and longevity of the pups call or text Micheline at 352-299-7419.  You can also use the form below.  Have a blessed day!

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