Malshi Black and White tiny and Gorgeous

Malshi pup florida micheline

updated Jan 3/2022

Malshi female “Cuddles”

11 weeks and ready for her new home

Price $2,250 plus tax

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Watch Cuddles!

Malshi pups are full of fun and character!Malshi pup florida micheline

These non shedding little bundles of fur will keep you entertained.

They are smart and easy to train and usually very willing to learn.

Malshis are very clean dogs and I have found them easy to house break.

Cuddles the Malshi is very affectionate and doing very well with her crate training as you can tell from the video.

She is doing well with going potty outside and if you keep the training up, she will do awesome.

She comes with a Florida Health Certificate, support with training and an ongoing wellness program.

As an adult she will be 5-7 lbs.

Malshis love their owners and need them to be home.

malshi black and white michelinePlease look at this free course that was created for you.


I don’t take a deposit but ask that you become educated on Holistic and natural options.

Your new pup will come with a Florida Health certificate and will be vaccinated.

I suggest doing a titer instead of giving more puppy vaccines.

It is important to know more about me, so please check out

My About Page.

I want you to be totally satisfied and understand who I am .

If you want a fun pup from someone who is also fun, but is very serious about the health and longevity of the pups, call or text Micheline at 352-299-7419.

You can also send a message by email but the response might be slower.

Thanks and have a blessed day!