Mal-Shi or Maltese Shih tzu Hybrid

mal shi pups for sale floridaThe Mal-Shi is an adorable companion dog for a variety of life styles.

They are also known as Malti zu and the Malt-Tzu, this hybrid is easy-to-train and a delight to have around.

Since they are a low-shedder, it makes them great for allergy sufferers.  They are great with kids and are generally content to cuddle on your lap.

Friendly and outgoing with both animals and humans.  Due to their good nature they make great therapy dogs.

Watch what we do with our Mal Shi pups!

The Mal Shi is a result of breeding a purebred Shih tzu with a purebred Maltese.

When breeding second generation hybrids the resultant temperament could be closer to the more dominant breed.  Always ask if they are second generation so you know what to expect.  Nothing is guaranteed, but you have a better chance of getting what you are looking for as far as temperament is concerned, if you have chosen purebred parents.

This is an excellent dog for first time dog owners.

The Mal-Shi is happy and intelligent.  He will quickly learn so you want to be ready to give him a challenge.
Watch and see a Mal Shi learn!

Although he may be a bit stubborn, consistency and time will help them through this stage.Mal Shi pup 7 months Michelinespups

Because of its small size, it’s important for you to treat your Mal-Shi like a dog rather than like a baby. If not, he could develop some behavioral issues like barking, snapping and just being bossy.

They may be adorable, but carrying them everywhere and treating them like a baby could create a misbehaving little brat.

Health Concerns

There is some debate about “hybrid vigor” and the fact that a mixed breed is healthier. I will let you come to your own conclusions on this one.  Like anything, if you have healthy parents you will likely have healthy offspring.  In the end there is still no guarantee even with healthy purebred dogs.  They are living breathing animals that are subject to their environment and the world they live in.

Having said this,  it is possible for the Mal-Shi to inherit health issues prevalent with its parent breeds. Some common issues could include Patellar Luxation and White Shaker Syndrome, which affects young to middle-aged dogs. They can also suffer from respiratory problems, so you should keep your Mal-Shi in an air conditioned home during the summer.

Their life expectancy is 12-14 years.

Exercisepups for sale florida

Your Mal-Shi will mirror your own lifestyle. If you are active they will be too and if not, they can learn to be more sedentary.  In general they require moderate exercise.  They do enjoy the out of doors, so a romp in the park or the back yard is always high on their list.


If you are looking for an easy going, allergy free dog that only needs moderate exercise this could be the dog for you.  Their amiable attitude and ease of training make them an awesome choice.

Be sure to do your homework and learn the characteristics of both parent breeds before you choose a Mal-Shi.  Make the right choice by becoming an educated consumer.

If you have any questions or inquiries about which pup would suit your family best, please use the form below.

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