Must Read – Health Contract

Morkie pups for sale florida michelines pups ocalaAt Micheline’s Pups we do our very best to provide everyone with the healthiest happiest puppy possible. We start them right for you with potty training and basic obedience.

These pups come with a veterinarian health certificate stating what medicines and shots they have received. It will also state in writing if there are any  known health issues with your pup.

When you take your pup away from our home environment, we recommend you to take the pup to a qualified veterinarian (Holistic preferably) for examination within 72 hours.

We want you to know you have a healthy pup.

Before you take your new best friend home, we spend at least an hour and often more time than that, talking about how to care for and protect your pup in it’s new home environment.

When we give you the cutest puppy ever, we believe it is happy, healthy and started right.

Now it is your responsibility!

It is your responsibility to make sure your Vet is doing the right thing for your pup.

Remember, No one cares for your pup more than you.

Research, ask questions and make the right decisions for your 2 lb baby.

These pups are fragile and can easily become ill. Don’t be intimidated and forced into making the wrong decision.

Your pup will thank you for standing up for them.

We will not sell you a pup unless you have read this article and you will be asked if you have read it.


Because I don’t want to see you disappointed, upset, and monetarily stretched beyond your ability, when things go wrong that could have been prevented.

With over 25 years experience in dealing with people, pups and yes vets, we know things can go wrong because of poor decisions.

We do not give our own dogs a topical flea treatment or heart worm medication that is chemical based. We use effective, natural alternatives.

Again, all of these medicines are extremely toxic to their liver and can cause serious and fatal reactions.

Your vet may say that is a rarity and almost never happens. Please don’t believe that.

Morkie for sale florida michelines pups

8 weeks 1 3/4 lbs

***It is always a risk to use toxic chemicals on tiny Yorkie and Maltese mixes. They are the most susceptible.***

Here is a quote from the NRDC or Natural Resources Defense Council,

“As bad as these products may be for pet owners and caregivers, they often are worse for the pets themselves. Based on the very limited data available, it appears that hundreds and probably thousands of pets have been injured or killed through exposure to pet products containing pesticides. As with small children, pets cannot report when they’re being poisoned at low doses”. – Read the whole article Here.

We often have people tell us they have lost their pet at the age of 2,5,6 etc., yet others say their dog has lived to be 15 -19 years of age. When asked what they attribute their dogs long life to, they have usually made their own dog food, refused excessive inoculations and used little to no chemicals and pesticides on their pets or in their homes.

Micheline’s Pups will not reimburse you for vet bills, or a new pup if you have used chemical flea products applied topically or chemical heart worm products taken internally.

Your vet will likely think your pup is the cutest, happiest, healthiest pup ever…then give you chemicals to put on it and in it.

It is your choice to say yes or no!!!! Please be informed. Do your research. Your two pound baby needs you. They are defenseless!

Please call me if you have any questions. Day or night at 352-299-7419.

It was explained to me and I fully understand that on this date __________________________________ I, Name/Address/Signature

__________________________________________________________________________ have read the above information and understand fully that if I topically apply a chemical flea product on my pup or administer chemical heartworm products for internal consumption, I am doing so at my own risk and expense and I will not hold Micheline’s Pups/Micheline Clawson, responsible financially for Veterinarian expenses or the cost of the pup or replacement of the pup.

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At Micheline’s Pups we care about You and Your Pup!

Please take this seriously, because it is.

Don’t find out the hard way.