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This Organic Canine Care Kit will help in overcoming common issues like Coccidia, Giardia, and Parvo.  When drops are administered to your pet as per the instructions, it will help to build up their immune system, while taking care of common issues.  The Organic Canine Care Kit can be used pre and post vaccinations to help in relieving symptoms of toxicity.  It has saved many animals lives and spared their pocket book from unnecessary vet bills.

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Immune and post vaccination support

I call this kit my Doctor in a bag.  I use many of these products daily and because of the beautiful carrying case I never leave home without it.  Highly recommend this kit.

These natural, herbal remedies that are in a liquid form, are easy to administer and take care of so many issues that might arise when you have a pup or adult dog.

Helps to deal with diarrhea.  

Many drugs will only mask the real problem and we have found these products to take care of things naturally and effectively without toxic side effects.

This Canine Care Kit is the most economical form or purchasing these products.  I take it everywhere and use many products daily.

I love using the liver support a few days before a vaccination and then a week or so afterwards.  Our dogs need liver support during this time and this has proven to be a fabulous answer.

Micheline gives this kit a 5 star rating.

The Canine Care Kit contains:

1oz bottle            Paxxin –Digestive & Immune Support- Great to minimize diarrhea

1oz bottle            Vibactra Plus- Immune, Oral and Skin Support with Antioxidants

1oz bottle            Vintesta- Sinus Support with Antioxidants

1oz bottle            Life Cell Support- Liver Health

2 dram bottle      Kidney Rejuvenator- Help Supports Normal Kidney Functions

2 dram bottle      Adizone-  Joint & Muscle Support for Canines

One                      Bandage Kit

One                      Syringe (5cc)


The chart below is based on all products in the Canine Care Kit.

Weight Drops ml/cc Administrations Per Bottle
Under 3 lbs 2 .06 492
3-10 lbs 5 .15 196
11-25 lbs 10 .30 98
26-80 lbs 13 .40 75
81-150 lbs 15 .45 65
151-250 lbs 20 .60 49

(Chart is based on a 10 day, 4 times a day cycle plan.  For pets over 251 lbs, add 5 drops for every additional 100 lbs of body weight.)

Directions for Use:

Use as directed on each product label.