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gold exercise pen

This is the exercise pen that I use and that you have seen on my training videos. A great product with a great price and I have found them to ship quickly.




Jeffers kennelI like these kennels because they can open from the top for easy access.  Order the smallest one(rose colored) if your dog will be in the 5-6 lb range as an adult. The coffee or brown one is good for the bigger pups and adults, or if you have two dogs.  This is the kennel I put inside the exercise pen.


I love this flea shampoo.

A natural product that works awesome.  Leaves the Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 9.41.40 PMpups clean, soft and itch free.  Did I mention it also kills the fleas lol.



Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils For Puppies – (sponsor id and enroller id # is 1597973)

CLICK HERE TO ORDER OILS (options of retail customer or a member)

You can choose the retail or wholesale option when you register or create an account. If you want a diffuser and the oils that I use every day, that is the most economical option.  If you just want oils for your flea and mosquito repellent you can also choose to be a retail customer.

If you have any questions, I would love to help you out!

Since we only use a few drops at a time(diluting them 8:1 for dogs), I have found these essential oils to be very cost effective and last a long time.

essential oils for puppiesI use Cedarwood Pure Therapeutic and nutritional grade essential oil for :

  • flea and insect prevention
  • calmness

Any essential oil that is used on a puppy, especially real tiny ones should be diluted at least 4:1 and 8:1 is even better.

Remember, dogs are sensitive to smell and is 20 times better than our own.

Apply a few drops of the mixture to your hands and rub them together.  You can then gently rub your pup’s coat with your hands, being sure to rub their belly and avoiding sensitive genital areas as well as their eyes.

michelines pups peppermint essential oilThis Pure Therapeutic grade Peppermint Essential Oil is what I use for

  • flea and insect prevention
  • diffuse 4-5 drops in the room to neutralize odors


Michelines pups essential oilsPurification is a Pure Therapeutic grade Essential Oil that I use for

  • flea and insect prevention
  • diffuse 4-5 drops in the room to neutralize odors and make the area smell fresh and clean.

You can use fractionated coconut oil for diluting the oils.  I choose to use V-6 oil and can be ordered at the same time as the Cedarwood oil and it will be delivered to your home.essential oils diffuser for puppiesessential oils dilute cocunut oil

Diffusing essential oils for puppies and yourself, will make for happy, healthy, people and pups.

Thinking this is all very expensive? I have found it to be much cheaper than a vet visit and the good news is, I stay healthy too Lol.

I first used oils on my horse. It saved my horse and my pocket book.  Of course I made a video and you can see the results below. Only 2 minutes long.  Proof is in the video and the oils Lol.

My horse, my oils and NO VET. That’s why I use them every day myself!!!


This is a video that will explain how I use and set up the exercise pen and the kennel.



Micheline’s Pups is an affiliate for Jeffers  and we receive compensation for the purchase of these products. Thank you for supporting us!

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 352-299-7419 or use the contact form below.

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