Puppy Treats

We all love to spoil our pup by giving them treats.

It is of the utmost importance to be sure to give them the right kind of treats and in the right amounts.

Photo by Deror Avi

Photo by Deror Avi

When dealing with toy breeds, they have small and sensitive stomachs. You do not want to have their treats replacing their meals.  This is very easy to do and it happens all the time. 

Not only do people feed them too many snacks, but they feed them the wrong kind.

Here are some Treat Tips – *Very important as the wrong kind of treat could be life threatening*

 Do not feed a pup any treat with LIVER in it.  This will mess their bowels up in a hurry.

When a pup has diarrhea it can rapidly become dehydrated and could possibly turn into a life threatening situation.  At the very least, it could become an expensive visit to the Vet’s dog treats liver micheline pupsoffice.

Feeding a good quality protein treat is a high priority.

I use very small pieces of cheese. When I say small I mean small. Less than the size of a pea, depending on the pup.  I have them pre cut in the refrigerator and all ready to go.  Mozzarella string cheese is good for this as it is mild and easy to cut into pieces.

Cheese is my treat of choice because it is a good quality protein and will not give the dog diarrhea.  If you have a breed that has issues with dairy you might want to choose something else.

The photo on the left is what I use for fussy dogs.

It is dehydrated meat bites from Only Natural Pet.  I use the chicken and it is irresistible.  Click Here for the link to buy it.

You can sprinkle a tiny bit of these bites on their food if they are not eating like they should.

Many store bought treats may be organic and all natural but could still cause an upset stomachBe diligent and read the labels. Your pup will thank you and so will your pocket book.

DO NOT feed table scraps to your puppy either, as this too has the potential for causing their bowels to become loose.  I cannot stress this enough.

Pups are extremely sensitive and they are depending on you to keep them well.

I remember visiting a lady who had one of my pups and she had never owned a dog before.  She went home with my instructions and followed the plan exactly.  The little pieces of cheese were all cut up on a plate, the kennel was positioned perfectly and the dog was doing great.  It was amazing!  A real success story. She was happy and so was the dog.

Be prepared and be successful, your puppy is counting on you.