Listen to what people have said about Micheline’s Pups

Kelly from UtahMicheline, is such a wonderful lady and knows her puppies. She answered all my questions and helped me get my little Maisy all the way home to Utah. This baby has got to be the CUTEST puppy I have ever seen. Micheline had her potty trained, groomed, and ready to play as soon as I got there. I would fly all the way to Florida again for one of Michellines pups. What a great lady! October 2015

Kelly from Utah

Chinyelu Atlanta GeorgiaMicheline is amazing! She's always available to answer any question that I have and you can tell she truly loves each puppy as her own. Milo the Mal Shi is well trained and you can tell he had a wonderful upbringing. Thank you for everything!

Chinyelu Atlanta Georgia

Amy Tampa FlMicheline is wonderful and such a sweet, caring and loving woman! She is amazing with her puppies and so helpful and informative! She has such a loving way about her and she is genuinely caring and loving; this is her true calling and our family is so blessed to have worked with her and gotten one of her baby dolls! Thank you for everything from the bottom of our hearts, Micheline! We love you!!

Amy Tampa Fl

Tim from Tampa FlFrankie the Yorkie Poo is such a character and joy to have around. He is such a happy little fellow, he makes me smile all the time. He fit right in with the other dogs. Sugar is his favorite play mate. Thanks so much!

Tim from Tampa Fl

Steve & Stacey K. Dunedin FLWe are loving Oreo. Will send pictures soon. What a wonderful experience. Thanks!

Steve & Stacey K. Dunedin FL

I knew she was meant to be ours but never expected her to be so perfect in every way! You have raised a perfect puppy! We just LOVE our Cookie. Thank yo so much for our little blessing.

Trish G Naples Florida

Maddalena   Ontario CanadaMolly is 9 years old now Micheline. I love her to death. The kids have moved and she's the light in my day. Our Yorkie-Poo Molly is such a cuddler and loves people.

Maddalena Ontario Canada

Stacey P  High Springs FLAll the children just love her and she is full of spunk. We love our little Sparkles and so happy she is now part of our pet family! Thank you again

Stacey P High Springs FL

Tim and Cindy Kyle of South DakotaWe are full time RVers and have been looking for a small dog. Wendell is just great. He is the darling of the campground. We love our puppy!

Tim and Cindy Kyle of South Dakota

Hi Micheline my husband and I purchased Mr. Wiggles and he is a wonderful little snuggle bunny . He is around 7 lbs and real funny and athletic. We are so glad you still have his video playing thank you so much. Cindy

Cindy M. Mims FL

Helen and Ron Bradenton FLGracie is doing wonderful! So smart and did not hear a peep out of her all night. Pottys outside every time. Loves the 2 yr old little boy I take care of. Follows Ron everywhere. Thx much and I'll keep in touch on her progress. Getting along withy girls as well especially my Missy the peek a poo!!

Helen and Ron Bradenton FL

Paul and Helen
Just an update on Lexi.

I forgot to tell you the look on my 25 year old sons face when he saw her
and realized she was staying is a look I had not seen since his childhood
she is a real tonic.

We had a great weekend with her, my wife is absolutely thrilled with her and
she cannot believe she finally has her puppy, she keeps thanking me and
telling me that she cannot believe that Lexi is exactly how she imagined
that her puppy would look if she ever got one etc.
She is such a good dog Micheline, you did a great job of starting her
training, if we don’t let her out in time she lets out a yelp and proceeds
to do the business as soon as we let her out.

She has not had a single accident inside nor has she gone on the pad through
the night she holds it until morning when she can get out, we are absolutely
amazed at her.

She jumps around on the grass and leaves with excitement throwing twigs
around, she is also a Skype star now, all the family in Scotland have seen
her and call back to see her not us!!!

I will send some pics and videos when I get a chance.


Paul and Helen

Susan Haner, Ga
Gus truly is an awesome, super sweet, relaxed little guy! Everybody who meets him falls in love with him! He's been a great addition to our family! Thank you so much Micheline!

Susan Haner, Ga

Jason, Kara, Alyssa and Gregory, Ocala FLWe picked up Katie today and she's now at her forever home.. She is so precious and well behaved.. We love her very much!!

Jason, Kara, Alyssa and Gregory, Ocala FL

John and Fran Bock  FloridaThanks Micheline for helping us pick the right pup. He is perfect for us and our neighbors love "Bailey" too. He is so smart and fun. Your online training videos and support are so helpful for John and I. We can't thank you enough for this happy healthy little guy.

John and Fran Bock Florida

If your looking for a dog let Micheline help. We have two of her dogs. I've never met anyone more gifted in the area of matching dog to owner or evaluating a potential home for a dog. You will be in good hands with Micheline!!

Rick G. Canada

"We purchased our little dog from Micheline about 10 years ago for our daughter. Her brother had left for university that fall and we thought a little dog would help to fill the void in her life. Well, 'Jack' certainly has done that and more. He has entertained us for many years. It was easy to teach him several little tricks and also to not harm our pet budgie. In fact, now that Hannah has gone off to university, Jack and the bird are best friends, drinking water out of the same bowl, and both watching for squirrels out the patio window!"

Marianne A.

Rachel M.  Tenn"Nemo loves to play in the creek he goes everywhere with us and EVERYONE loves my little guy :):):) Dont know what I would do without my little yorkie-poo....Micheline thanks for such a great pup. Can you believe he will be six in just a few weeks???"

Rachel M. Tenn