Training your pup to walk on a leash

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Here are some tips before watching the video!

This video shows a little Biewer Yorkie learning to walk on a leash.

Use a long leash, have a harness and some cheese for a reward and bring along your patience.

Be sure to make it fun and don’t do it for long.

It is critical to take your dog away from home to train him.

You want to be where the pup has to rely on you.

This will help him to be focused on you and listening to you.

Sparkles the Maltipoo Learning to walk on a Leash

Here is an example of a totally different dog learning how to walk on a leash for the first time.

The same principles apply to almost any dog.

This is an excellent video to help you with your new pup.

Having a canine good citizen starts when they are young and anyone can do it!