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Your happy healthy puppy goes for their first vet visit.

You are so delighted with your little pup.  They are happy, bouncy and full of life.

When you go to the vet, keep your new baby safe by holding them during the visit and make sure the table or weigh scale has been wiped down before you put your little bundle on it.  A vet’s office is the place they are most likely to pick something up.

This is the trend I am seeing

  •  Your receive an adorable happy healthy pup.
  •   You want to do everything for your new baby so you make your first wellness visit.
  •   This parasite free pup comes with a health certificate stating it is healthy and has received only core vaccines if it came from Micheline’s Pups.
  •   Your vet looks at the fluffy bundle, shows it around the office and is so pleased with how happy and healthy your new purchase is.

All is good up to this point.  You have had your pup for a few days and maybe a couple of weeks before they go to the vet.

Now they start attacking this pups immune system with a myriad of unnecessary drugs.

Here is what is going to happen next:

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    • the vet will tell you it is absolutely necessary to keep your dog safe by giving it heart worm medicine.  I might be missing something, but it takes 6 months for a heart worm test to show positive results.  So how old is your pup?  Exactly, no where near 6 months.  Your will have spent money on unnecessary tests and meds that will unnecessarily compromise your pups immune system.
    • of course it is also necessary to give your pup MORE parasite medicine.  Do you realize, if you have gotten your pup from Micheline’s Pups, this little thing has been de wormed already.  The pup will have had a negative fecal sample (because it is on your health certificate), but they still want to charge you for another sample and give your pup more medicine.
  • Now we move onto more vaccines.  The vet will most likely want to give you more than the core vaccines.  Depending on your exposure (ie: if you don’t live on a farm and you don’t bring your dog to a kennel) the core vaccines are all that is necessary.  Letpto is deadly to pups.  The kennel cough vaccines will only add to the toxic load and isn’t effective anyway.   The risk are much more serious in my opinion.

This video explains the risks!



Now the vet will say, “It is very important that your puppy be safe from fleas”.  This is a whole other kettle of Fleas 🙁

If you get nothing else from this article, Know This,

“every single chemical flea product on the market will make your dogs liver toxic on some level”. – Micheline Clawson

Please google the reactions that have occurred from using toxic pesticides on small breed pups.  These giant companies have many class action law suits against them and worse yet, dogs are dying every day.  If not right away after applying them, over time it could do just that.

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I have lived in the north all my life and have raised dogs, sledded with my favorite dogs(that is me on the shore of Lake Superior in the 90’s), sold Yorkie Poos just like I am here with not one issue.

With over 30 years experience, I have never ever had a vet talk to me about a toxic liver in my dog or the dogs I sold. Not once.  I never knew it even existed.

Fast forward to 2016, I am shocked.

What do you think is the difference?  You are right, fleas don’t thrive in snow and heartworm isn’t an issue.  Therefore, we don’t treat and therefore, we have healthier dogs with good livers.  Just saying.

Liver toxicity is a growing problem in dogs and in people.

Back to our vet visit.

It’s hard to say no. I hear this all the time.  I try to prepare you for this with my one and half hours of training before you leave my home but it is hard to go against a doctor standing before you.  So…you either leave with the heart worm medicine and flea products so they can be applied at home, or the vet gives them to your pup right there.

So here is what I am seeing happen between 8 weeks and 12-16 weeks.

Pups are dying.  Sadly, they started out very healthy and that is confirmed by two vets.  Yours and mine.  Then they are given a cocktail of drugs and things start to go down hill.  Their immune system is attacked and these small breed pups quickly become toxic.   My own traditional vet said he seldom sees a problem with these little dogs.  Oh I said to him, “and how many tiny pups like this do you see? Hardly any he replies”. Well no wonder he thinks all is well.  It isn’t, believe me.

Do your homework, do your research, just do it.  If you won’t do it, then please just believe me.

This is very disturbing to me as it should be to you.  I am telling you from experience, I am not exaggerating.  What you have read above is typical here in Florida.

So what is the solution to a toxic liver and living in Florida?Ben and wil on water

Choose natural alternatives and be pro active.

  1.  Heart worm and Fleas – you can use a home0pathic alternative every month called a nosode.  That is one option.You can also have your dog tested once a year, and if you are nervous, do it twice a year.  Remember, it takes 6 months for it to show and then it could be only 1-3 worms when it is positive.  Catch it early, if it happens at all.  Many dogs live their whole lives in Florida without a problem and never having taken medicine.  Dogs are infected from a mosquito bite and only from an infected mosquito, so it has to have bitten an infected host in the last 2 weeks.  There are also natural ways to treat and avoid heart worm being a problem. I give everyone an natural flea product to use when they leave my home.  It helps with fleas and mosquitoes don’t like it either.  Do your research, there are natural products out there.
  2. Click here to see what I use!

  3. Vaccines – only administer the core vaccines.  Do as little as possible.  Vaccines are making our kids sick as well as our dogs.  Don’t be negligent, be informed, do your homework and in the end, do as little as possible, but do what is necessary.
  4.  Anti vaccine reaction therapy – in my dilemma to help the pups and owners, I found a homeopathic protocol that has been effective for years against vaccinosis, or a reaction to the chemical laden vaccines.  I  use an anti vacinossis  product from my Holistic vet and if you cannot get that then you can use Thujia Forte 30c which you can get from any Health Food store.  This is given the day before, the day of and within two hours of them receiving the vaccine.  I have not had a problem since.  I would suggest contacting a homeopathic vet in your area for something to treat your pup with, or you can also buy it yourself at the Health store.  They actually use this for children as well.  An amazing product.
  5. Build up your pups immune system – I use probiotics and digestive enzymes with all our pups.  They help to boost their gut health, as that is where it all begins.  If their gut is good, they are good.  Do this for the life of the dog not just when they are pups. Here are the products I use.
  6. Use natural products to clean your home with.  Don’t use glade plugins or similar scented products. That just adds to their toxic liver levels.  Use vinegar to clean up with.  It is healthy for everyone and the dogs do not tend to go back to the same place and soil that location.  Also, fleas hate vinegar :).
  7.  Ask you vet to have a titer done to see if your dog has antibodies for Parvo and Distemper.  Don’t just get your dog vaccinated every year.  It is hard on them and maybe not necessary.  Not only will you save money, you will have a healthier dog that will live a longer life and not experience many of the auto immune diseases your friends and neighbors dogs have.

What is the take away?

This has been a very simple article to a very complicated and controversial subject.  I have intentionally made it simple.

So the simple answer is to do as little as possible, but as much as necessary.

There are many natural alternatives out there and they have been effective for years.  There wasn’t always a Walgreens on every corner or a vet clinic in every town. GO HERE TO SEE WHAT I USE!

Don’t be strong armed into doing what you might feel is not right.

Your dog needs you to do the right thing and it isn’t always what everyone else is doing.

Read this article for more information on Vaccine reactions.



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