What happens after the pup is home?


You will have a ball with your pup but…

Your puppy depends on you following the instructions below.

**This information is for  quick reference. I will  be going over it with you when your baby is picked up.  This is also why I like you to be here in person.**

If you do some research(as I have done), you will find that these suggestions are the opinions of many Holistic vets around the world.

Next shot dates _________________________

We suggest:
– Only core vaccines – No Lepto – No Bordetella (kennel cough)
– ask for 1/2 dose and to use Dr. Jean Dodds core vaccine protocol, go elsewhere if they don’t comply or they will give your pup the same dose as a great dane, literally.
wait until 6-7 months before giving rabies vaccines ( if necessary )


Some vaccines have been associated with severe complications especially the rabies vaccine. Risks may out weigh the benefits and research has proved this.
**Dr. Jean Dodds is a Holistic vet that can provide you with the research to back this up**

Look for a Holistic Vet BUT beware, some still do not follow safe vaccine protocol for your dog, nor do they offer the safer natural alternatives for Heartworm and Fleas.


keep hair away from their eyes as this makes them tear
keep their bottom clean so they are free to eliminate
expect to groom your pup every 6-8 weeks depending on the pup
– frequent brushing will keep them mat free, especially the fur on the hind quarters where they sit. It mats easily there.


Before your pup has had all of their shots(16 weeks), please be careful about where you take your pup.
no doggie parks
be careful in rest areas, walk to the back near a fence
socialize with pets you know that are well cared for
dogs pick up worms and viruses with their feet so avoid well used areas

Spaying or Neutering

– after the first cycle for a female
– after 7 months at least for males
wait as long as possible and not at all unless it becomes necessary. Growing evidence to support this opinion. *When this surgery is done early, it can take away their ability to produce hormones for proper growth, causing serious issues later on.**


Many pups have worms. It is part of puppy life. Although the pups have been dewormed many times and had a negative fecal sample, eggs can mature later on. Be sure they are tested again at 12 weeks and use natural dewormers when possible. All medications will affect your pups immune system, so ask for safer alternatives.

Tape Worms

Generally comes from fleas, unless they eat something like a squirrel.
not that harmful but not nice to see and easily dealt with

Round, Whip and Hookworms

Usually taken care of and a negative fecal provided, but the odd egg might still be in their system which is why pups should be checked for worms. They are like kids and into everything.


An intestinal tract infection caused by(protozoa) called coccidia.
most cases are self-limiting and require little medical intervention
the most common coccidia found in dogs does not affect humans

***The Stress of change*** can often bring on intestinal upset and coccidia!


Is a protozoan parasite found all over the world. Many people aren’t aware that Giardia is abundant in the environment. It’s in puddles, ponds, rivers and abundant in Florida. – diaharehea is the biggest symptom and
dogs can be carriers and not have symptoms unless under stress or when their immune system is compromised,  like when receiving vaccines, or moving to a new home.


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