Your puppy – What next – 8 weeks to 7 months

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Here are some tips on what to expect with your puppy from 8 weeks to 7 months.

Vet Schedule

1.   8 weeks they will have had a safe, dose appropriate vaccine

Your new puppy should always come with an initial health exam and their first exam is at 8 weeks.mal shi for sale florida vet visit

In Florida this is the law.  Be sure to keep your new pup safe from other infected animals or possible contaminated surfaces at the Vet’s office.  This little pup was in a purse while on the table.

Be careful to NOT allow your vet to give your tiny puppy unnecessary vaccines or topical flea and heart worm products that could harm your dog.  Pesticides and chemicals can be deadly to your pup and to your children and yourself as you pet them.

I prefer to use natural solutions that strengthen the pup, not suppress it’s immune system.  I go over that with everyone who buys our pups. You can see what I use by going here. I give you a free bottle of effective, natural flea spray. 

Maltese and Yorkies are very sensitive to chemicals and vaccines.  Please be aware of this.  They can have life threatening reactions!!!

2. Grooming

At Micheline’s Pups we make sure their toe nails have been clipped and the hair has been removed from their eyes and around their bottom. This is very important for your pups health.

Eyes often tear because of the hair that is going into their eyes.

This needs to be kept short and clean.

If the hair around the anus is not kept short, feces can accumulate and create a plug that will not allow them to go to the bathroom and they will become constipated. This is VERY bad.

Face and bottoms need attention at least every 4 weeks.

You can often take them to a groomer and they will just do feet, face and bottoms for a nominal fee. Complete grooming can very, but expect to see a groomer at least every 2-3 months. This all depends on how diligent you are at keeping your pup groomed in between.

3. Socialization

Maltese Shih Tzu Mal-Shi pups for sale floridaBefore your pup has had all of their shots(16 weeks), please be careful about where you take your pup.

They can easily contract Parvo, which is a deadly puppy virus.

Be selective about how and where you socialize your pup. Only go to places where you know the dogs are up to date with vaccinations.

AVOID doggie parks, don’t let your pup out at road side stops that many people from all over the country stop with their dogs. Examples are gas stations, McDonalds, rest areas etc.


Ask your Vet when a good time to have your pup altered.  It is my opinion that you should wait as long as possible. Maybe not at all!

Many vets are doing this operation when pups are 4-5 months old. This is too early in my opinion. They need all the help they can get to grow up healthy and strong.

Do your research and become informed. Issues can arise from the surgery itself, or long term problems can also arise from early neutering or spaying.

Try to wait as long as possible. Like at least 6-7 months and much later or not at all.  We take away all of their needed hormones for growth when these surgeries are performed early.

Do your research and make the right decision. This is a very controversial topic. It is your responsibility to care for your pup. They need you!

Be informed, Be educated. Your pup depends on you!

5.  Trainingtrainining poodle pup to lead florida

This takes place every day and every minute of the day!

Every time you play with your pup you are training it to do something right or something wrong.

You can read more valuable training tips by clicking here.

If you take the time to house break your pup properly and teach them basic obedience you will enjoy each other for the rest of their possible 15 years.

People love being around a well behaved puppy or adult. It is not hard to create the pup that everyone wants.

Find a dog trainer in your area that you agree with. Once again do the research and ask how they train. If you like them and feel good about theirPoodle pup training pet smart philosophy then enroll in a puppy class. This is a great way to have your pup socialized in a safe controlled environment.

When you purchase a pup from Micheline’s Pups, they have developed basic social skills. It is your job to continue with the training.

If at any time you have any questions about your pup, especially during the first few weeks, please do not hesitate to call Micheline at 352-299-7419.

You can also use the form below to connect with me.